Girls Trip

a travel experience focused on female empowerment

Ghana getaway

accra + Cape coast



Dates: Saturday, June 30th - Sunday, July 8th, 2018

to avoid missing any activities Flights should arrive early on the 30th and leave late on the 8th.

Capacity: There are only 11 spots left for travelers.

travel day

If you're traveling from outside Africa, you'll want to leave Friday, June 29th to make it in time!


After landing at Kotoka Airport, Accra our private Girls Trip shuttle will take you to the 4-star hotel. Your digs for the stay is a full service hotel in the heart of Accra with a mix of modern architecture and traditional accents. In the evening we’ll gather for a welcome dinner with tastes of authentic Ghanaian cuisine for your official 'Akwaaba.' 

day 2

Wake up to a continental breakfast at the hotel. Then get ready to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of Accra with a private bus tour hosted by a special guide. We will enjoy a lunch of popular street foods. Then we'll stop to have custom outfits tailored by a talented local designer. 

Last, we'll introduce you to some local influencers over dinner at the popular Bistro 22.

day 3

Today, we meet 20 ambitious girls learning to code at the Soronko Academy! We will match you with your mentees and facilitate an interactive half-day workshop to foster dialogue and get everyone properly introduced. This is a chance to learn about the girls you'll be supporting over the next week, but also your fellow travelers.

Lunch will be catered at the academy and female founders from around the city will be invited for a mixer. The rest of the day will be spent touring Accra's tech hubs from MEST Ghana to Google.

Later, it's dinner at Republic over a relaxing Sip & Paint activity listening to Afrobeat hits. Hopefully you'll take home a masterpiece!

day 4

You can sleep off the wine on our drive to Cape Coast where we'll visit Elmina Castle & Cape Coast Castle (U.N. world heritage sites), as well as other slave history monuments. Lunch will be provided.

On the way back to Accra, we will stop at Sankofa Beach, where you can enjoy the amenities or chill in a hammock. Later, enjoy a three-course barbecue dinner al fresco with a special host.

day 5

It's a free day folks! Sleep in or explore the town on your own terms. We'll give you our '24hrs in Accra' Guide. The choice of where to go and who with is all yours. We have some guides who want to show you around one-on-one - if you're willing.

Enjoy a spa night in with our wellness gift bag filled with local beauty rest and relaxation treats.


day 6

Today's all about art and fashion. We will visit local art galleries, shop at boutiques and an open air market with a stylist. This is definitely the day to learn about local artisans and brands, as well as get gifts to take home! We'll also fit our custom outfits and request any alterations.

Lunch at the Soronko Academy over a 3-hour workshop with our mentees.

Dinner at the trendy Urban Grill + a Girls Night Out with some local friends to introduce us the club scene.

Day 7

Chale, it's photoshoot day! Today, we rest up and get glam courtesy of selected African designers and pose for portraits against breathtaking natural backdrops.  

Dinner with some creative women at Sky Bar 25.

Day 8

You'll have the morning to get packed. By 11am we'll head to Aqua Safari Resort for an overnight excursion to end the trip in the midst of wildlife. Dinner will be provided.

day 9

We'll host a farewell brunch for all the wonderful people we've met during the trip and our amazing mentees from the Soronko Academy. 

Now, it's off to the airport in our private Girls Trip shuttle to catch your evening flights home. As your plane takes off, close your eyes and let all the memories from the last week sink in.

Note: Items on this itinerary may be subject to change.

pricing INCLUDES

  • Double occupancy room* + daily breakfast

  • Tours, excursions, and activities

  • Ground transportation

  • All listed meals

  • Memories captured by personal photographer and videographer

  • Curated Ghanaian artisan swag bags

Flight, visa, insurance, and some meals NOT included.

* Hotel is 4-star. Single occupancy room available upon request.